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February 5, 2018

Not all modern water features require artificial lighting to look stunning; especially if they’re located outdoors in the daytime. Even some indoor ones still look beautiful without any lighting effects at all.

But on the other hand, most water features can be taken to the next level with artificial lighting of some kind; whether it be white or coloured LED lighting, down lights or directional spotlighting.

Transform Your Water Feature Into a Showpiece With Beautiful Lighting

The bubble water feature range is a prime example of just how stunning and effective artificial lighting can be when it comes to modern water features. Bubble features and bubble bars really are tailor-made for coloured lighting effects to really bring them to vivid life. This style of water feature looks awesome in restaurants and bars, and even as part of a hotel reception desk. Living Water Designs has used the bubble water feature with coloured lighting to great effect in many businesses across the Gold Coast.

Indoor water walls and water feature walls are other modern water features that look amazing when illuminated with either white light or coloured lighting. Aquafalls and waterfalls are some of the most eye-catching of all water features, and made even more so when combined with just the right lighting to really showcase them to best effect.

The Vortex water feature is like a tornado in a tube. Perfect for night clubs or anywhere that entertainment is paramount. These vortex tubes come in a myriad of dazzling colours and will prove to be the highlight of any commercial establishment.

Lighting is everything. Without it or a lack of it, the world is a lifeless and colourless environment. Some water features look perfectly fine lit with natural light, or simply reflecting the lighting in the home or office. Other models really come alive with the addition of strategically placed directional lighting or coloured LED lighting effects.

When you get in touch with the team at Living Water Designs, discuss with us your needs and desires when it comes to the lighting for your water feature. Our friendly staff will guide you on what will work best, and whether colour is the right option.

We offer a wide range of modern water features, so be sure to fully browse our website and feast your eyes on some stunning examples of our work.

Google Plus Reviews

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