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December 5, 2017

Experiencing the many aesthetic and psychological benefits of modern water features doesn’t have to break the bank. There are numerous designs to suit most budgets, and one cost effective way of saving some dollars on a water feature is to install a more simple DIY option.

While there are options to have a more intricate water feature installed inside the home, workplace or out in the yard – such as a water feature wall – many do it yourself options can look just as impressive and be truly satisfying. In addition, because of the simplicity of installation, you save money on setup costs. All you do is choose from the range of freestanding water features, follow the instructions and set it up yourself wherever you want to place it.

Save Dollars With a DIY Water Feature

The do it yourself models are completely self contained and are not hard to put together. They all come with instructions on exactly what to do, so whether it’s a large water feature or a small one, nobody should feel daunted by the task at all.

Why Install a Water Feature?

For starters, modern water features just look really cool. The sound of the running water trickling down the feature is also very soothing to the mind and soul. A water feature is both pleasant to look at, as well as adding to your mental well being.

Water features also make for a great focal point, whether they’re indoors or out, and they can really add a subtle touch of class to any room or outdoor space.

The Advantages of DIY

Saving money is one of the biggest advantages to DIY modern water features. It means just about anyone can afford to install some sort of water feature in their home. While being cost effective, DIY water features don’t skimp on quality of materials.

There is also the satisfaction derived from putting the feature together yourself and seeing it up and running. Accomplishing productive projects also makes us feel good about ourselves.

DIY Water Features from Living Water Designs

We have been supplying and installing stunning water features across the Gold Coast since 2001 and we have a great range of DIY modern water features, freestanding water features and outdoor water wall kits. Whether a glass water feature is more your style, or a pond with fountains, get in touch with us today to discuss your options for a DIY water feature kit for your home or office.

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