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May 15, 2017

How to maintain your water feature

For over 15 years, Living Water Designs Gold Coast have designed, manufactured and installed water features Australia wide and internationally.

From our many years of experience, we know all there is to know about water features and how to best care for them so you can get many, many years of enjoyment from them so who better to pen a guide on how to maintain your water feature than us?

We are all well aware water features can help to create an atmosphere of calm and serenity in our homes and businesses but they do require some maintenance from time to time to ensure they continue to operate correctly.

Water levels

If you have an indoor water feature where water circulates continually, it will lose water simply due to evaporation. When the temperature and humidity is high, the greater the rate of evaporation.

Waterfalls that are placed near air conditioning vents and intakes will also evaporate at a much faster rate. For the first few months of use, you should monitor the reservoir periodically to determine the rate of evaporation on the waterfall feature.


Cleaning & Draining

Living Water Designs recommended the water feature be shut down once a week for cleaning of the mirror or glass with a standard glass cleaner on all surfaces of the waterfall feature.

The water feature’s reservoir should be drained once every two to three months depending on water quality in your area and whether the water feature is located inside or outside. After draining, wipe the inside of the reservoir with a clean, wet rag. If you use cleaning agents to remove any dirt and debris from the reservoir, be sure to thoroughly rinse it before refilling with clean water.

Calcium build-up

Over a period of time hard water may cause the glass to develop a hazy or cloudy film on its surface. Completely draining and replacing the water in the water feature more often will prevent this problem. If the problem continues consider using distilled water.

If the glass on your water feature begins to develop a hazy or cloudy film, this is a calcium build up which can also occur on the pump, nozzles or filter.

To remove calcium build-up on glass, we recommend adding CLR or vinegar to a soft cloth to gently work away at the residue.

For pumps, nozzles and filters use CLR or white vinegar. To clean a pump, nozzle or filter you must:

  1. Remove it from the water feature
    2. Place it in a bucket of half CLR or vinegar
    3. Allow it to soak overnight
    4. Scrub off any remaining calcium and rinse in fresh water


If the unit develops an algae problem, you will notice the algae by a sour odour and/or green or brown/black substance. If this occurs, add a pool algaecide to the unit as directed through the reservoir via the rock tray.

There is also white gel algae called biofoul. The solution for this problem is a product called “Feature Clean”. Order Feature Clean from our website for $44 per bottle, delivered, and we will contact you shortly to confirm order and arrange payment.

Filter Cleaning

Before undertaking filer cleaning, drain the water from the reservoir otherwise during the cleaning process, debris and dirt can end up going into the line and clogging the water feature.

To clean the filter:

  1. Drain water from reservoir
    2. Unscrew cap and remove filter
    3. Clean under tap with bottle brush and running water
    4. Reassemble the filter then adjust the valve as required

Water Feature Maintenance Schedule

To keep your water feature at its best and to not void your warranty you must:

Check the water levels to prevent damage to the pump (unless auto top-up system is installed).

Dose the water feature with algaecide. If required, clean stainless steel with a quality stainless steel polish. If required, clean the class with methylated spirits and paper towel. If you notice any calcium deposits (white marks), you can use a white scour pad and some CLR, to remove them.

Every 2-3 Months:
Drain the water feature completely, wipe down reservoir and clean filter as per instructions (next page)

* Replacing all the water in the water feature once a month will naturally cut back on deposits and possible algae growth. It greatly reduces the need to take a water feature apart for cleaning.

Pond Treatment

Living Water Designs consider a number factors that ultimately influence the way it is treated when designing your pond.

Factors such as size, style, location, environmental conditions, and existing provisions all affect how your pond will be treated. Whether it be set up with ozone, ultraviolet light or a chemical dosage, it is important to know how to care for your particular pond.

Living Water Designs supplies all clients with a maintenance manual as well as any other necessary information that relates to the type of treatment system their water feature has.

Bubble Panel / Bubble Bar

Bubble Panels by nature are designed to be very low on the maintenance that is required to keep them looking as new. A regular water top up (as specified by Living Water Designs) should be all that is required.

A soft non-abrasive cloth is all that should be used to clean the exterior window of the panel. Living Water Designs supplies all clients with a maintenance manual as well as any other necessary information that relates to the type of treatment system their water feature has.

Rain Curtains

Rain Curtain maintenance is very similar to that of the Living Water Designs Aquafalls. Ongoing they require a weekly water top up if they are not plumbed in, monthly they require a chemical dosage of the recommended water conditioner and quarterly they require a full drain in which the filters, lights and reservoir are all wiped over prior to refilling.

Living Water Designs supplies all clients with a maintenance manual as well as any other necessary information that relates to the type of treatment system their feature has.

By adopting these simple maintenance practices, you will ensure your Living Water Designs water feature gives you years of serenity and enjoyment.

If you are based on the Gold Coast, in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide or Perth and you need further information on maintaining your Living Water Designs water feature, please don’t hesitate to call Living Water Designs on 1300 406 660.

Our expert team will happily advise you on all things water features.

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