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November 15, 2017

Ponds and fountains sound like something reserved for outdoor spaces only, but that’s not true. With the right kind of design you can certainly have a pond and fountain set up indoors without it making a mess or maintenance being too difficult.

Modern water features really do add a touch of glass, elegance and serenity no matter where they are situated. A beautiful, serene pond with gentle fountains of water positioned throughout the pond really makes for a very tranquil setting. Many a back garden has been made superb with the addition of ponds, fountains and unusual water features.

Liven Up Your Outdoor Space With a Custom Designed Pond and Fountain

Ponds, fountains and even stepping stones spaced throughout the pond, also make for tremendous showpieces in entrance halls. Whether it’s in the home, the office building or a hotel lobby, these really look a million dollars and are a hit with everybody. Everyone loves the beauty of water and the peacefulness it makes them feel as they listen to its gentle rhythm.

With modern technology and design it’s possible to create ponds and fountains to suit any indoor or outdoor space, and some of the designs and creations are truly spectacular! Ponds and fountains don’t always have to go together. You can create a majestic and beautiful pond that is still and placid; either inside or out in the yard. The choice is yours. However, there is just something extra special about moving water, and fountains really do bring a pond to life.

Imagine setting up your backyard like a beautiful and natural oasis. How relaxing would it be after a hard day at work to chill out in these surroundings, with a cold drink or a brew? We all need quiet and peaceful spaces in which to unwind, and having a backyard pond with the tranquil sounds of running water is the perfect way to release that stress and clear the mind.

It’s the same with a modern water feature such as a pond and fountains inside the home. Relax in your favourite chair, close your eyes and just be taken away by the gentle sound of the water. There is no better therapy than that.

At Living Water Designs in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast, we specialise in garden water feature designs, ponds, fountains, glass water features and freestanding water features. Some of our water features are ready to install as is, but we can create and design a pond, fountains and water features to suit your indoor or outdoor space. If you are living in Burleigh Heads, on the Gold Coast or even anywhere in Australia, call to discuss your project and to arrange a free quote.

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