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November 5, 2017

The sound of rain can be a beautiful thing. Many of us love to sleep to its soothing rhythm. While we don’t like to get wet by the rain, admiring its natural beauty and listening to its tranquil symphony can have really positive mental benefits.

These days with the advent of modern water features, you can now enjoy the tranquil sound of rain every time you arrive home with the installation of a rain curtain.

Let It Rain Indoors With a Rain Curtain

These unusual water features incorporate gently falling streams of water that are then absorbed into a base of pebbles to be recycled for a continuous rain shower. It’s not akin to a torrential downpour, but more of a steady rain with soothing sounds and stunning to look at. Whether you choose to illuminate your rain curtain design with lights or not, they make for an awesome showpiece as well as adding a touch of tranquillity to your home or business.

Creating the illusion of rain indoors has never been simpler than with a rain curtain supplied and installed by Living Water Designs on the Gold Coast. Choose from one of our ready made designs, or have us custom design a rain curtain to your specifications. These modern water features are suitable for residential homes and business premises alike. They not only look amazing, they will also add value to your home or business.

All water features add a touch of class and elegance that is both unique and inspiring, but the rain curtain adds that something extra special with its sounds of nature and tranquillity. Combine your rain curtain with some subtle mood lighting and surround it with plants and you will really get a sense of being out amongst nature.

Whether you want to install a rain curtain or have a different kind of water feature in mind, at Living Water Designs we can supply you with freestanding water features that you can install yourself, or construct a dazzling water feature to your specifications and style.

We can help you out with:

  • Glass water features
  • Indoor feature wall ideas
  • Bubble water feature
  • Large indoor water features
  • Outdoor water wall kits
  • Garden water feature designs
  • Home waterfall design

We really enjoy helping bring your creations and visions to life, so get in touch today to discuss your project.

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