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July 5, 2017

A guide to the best place to install a water feature in your home

Water features have the profound effect of making us feel calm and relaxed when we are around them.  That is due to Qi energy, an element of Feng Shui, that gets collected and pooled with the water.

Observe any water fountain in a public place and watch the number of people who are attracted to it, choosing to linger and to watch the moving water. These people are feeling the effects of Qi energy.

The principles of Feng Shui describe where you should place a water feature in your home so you can attract the powerful positive energy that generates from the moving water, thus distributing Qi energy all around it.

If you place your water feature in the wrong location, the water feature will have the opposite effect and your flow of abundance can be misdirected.

You should place a water fountain or water feature in your wealth corners– south east, south west and north.

If these areas fall in your bedroom, bathroom or kitchen, then you should place the water feature in the wealth corner of your living room.

Needless to say, when you install a water feature in your home to attract opportunities, wealth and abundance, you do need expert advice so it is placed in the most auspicious location. Water features placed in incorrect locations can cause illness and misfortune!

At Living Water Designs Gold Coast, we base our designs and installation of our water features on the practices of Feng Shui so our clients can enjoy not only the calm and serenity of a water feature but also the benefits of the water feature being placed in a wealth spot.

Our high end range of water features includes modern water features, glass water features, indoor water fountains, outdoor water features, bubble water features, freestanding water features, home waterfall designs and we can even custom make an unusual water feature to suit your home and individual taste.

Call Living Water Designs on 1300 406 660 to chat to our friendly staff about how we can create an opportunity for increased abundance of wealth and prosperity at your Gold Coast home with one of our stunning water features.

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