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Feng Shui water features from Australia’s leading designers


Feng Shui is a Chinese system of harmonising people with the surrounding environment. At Living Water Designs, our experts design and manufacture, premium quality water features, that achieve just this, for installation across Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast, and all of Australia.

Our designers have created a range perfect for your home, garden or balcony. Feng Shui water features are great for a calm and mellow environment, allowing you to achieve ultimate tranquility whenever you require. Meanwhile are unique garden designs allow this theme to run throughout your space, utilising the whole landscape.

See below for some of our Feng Shui garden design ideas and water features, and contact us for more information


Feng shui is one of the Five Arts of Chinese Metaphysics, classified as physiognomy (observation of appearances through formulas and calculations. The feng shui practice discusses architecture in metaphoric terms of “invisible forces” that bind the universe, earth, and humanity together, known as qi.


Historically, feng shui was widely used to orient buildings—often spiritually significant structures such as tombs, but also dwellings and other structures—in an auspicious manner. Depending on the particular style of feng shui being used, an auspicious site could be determined by reference to local features such as bodies of water, mountains, or a compass.


Qi rides the wind and scatters, but is retained when encountering water.

(Definition adopted and modified from Wikipedia)


(Feng Shui element image from Google)



rain-curtain-williams (1)

When visiting the beach, ocean or visiting a waterfall we get a sense of freshness and revitalisation because fresh moving water generates negative ions, which are important to boost our immune system.  So it is important to keep the water in water features clean.  Also, Feng Shui says, ‘dirty water is equivalent to dirty money’.  This water feature design (above) is not only very pleasant to the eye, but it also has the dual purpose of exposed, moving water and the splashing of water into the pebbles at the bottom.  The splashing aerates the water and gives more vitality to the environment.



Ponds with spillway from water feature into each pond

Water pouring towards the house is preferable to water pouring away, because water is symbolic of wealth; so when ordering your custom-made water feature, ensure it is flowing towards the house or front door to achieve good Feng Shui.



Pond-Dobson (6)

Water leading up to the front door is a perfect way of saying, “I am prosperous, welcome!”  A building designed with good Feng Shui means the entrance admits the best qi which is then able to nurture and support the inhabitants.  What better way to announce an auspicious entrance than with a beautiful water feature!



Indoor Waterfall

The entrance to any building, from a Feng Shui perspective is called the ‘mouth of qi’ (pron. ‘chee’, life force energy).  Upon entry this area should be open and bright; it should be a yang area.  It is traditionally the best area to place a water feature.  The water wall design in this picture works in another way as well: it creates a ‘spirit screen’.  It helps to retain the qi in the entrance and is especially useful if the front door is aligned with the back door, or aligned with a back window, to prevent qi and ‘wealth’ escaping.



bubble-panel-helensvale-tavern (2)

Activity is very important in Feng Shui as it represents yang qi (movement and energy).  This water feature, even though the water is enclosed behind a screen, has lively movement, attractiveness and colour.  Perfect for an area that feels too yin (still, quiet), and to attract people to congregate.




According to Feng Shui’s five element theory, water is represented by the colours blue or black, and by a wavy shape.  Here we see both at play as this lovely water feature design reminds us of the qualities of water:  wisdom and love.  The surrounding slate (earth) and the silver frame (metal) enhance this characteristic further by giving us the harmonious sequence of earth-metal-water.



Wave Waterfall

Water is a wavy shape in Feng Shui so this is design is another perfect representation.  It blends perfectly into the environment too, especially when there are trees and greenery (wood).  The rounded white pebbles, albeit made of earth, are actually metal in nature; and as metal produces water in Feng Shui’s five element theory, people will be drawn to this design as a beautiful ‘objet d’art.’



Pool with waterfall spillway


The location of swimming pools and large water features should be carefully considered because water activates qi.  What is desirable is when water activates the right type of qi, to enhance prosperity.  In Feng Shui we say ‘water activates wealth’ so if the water feature is in the right location, wealth and abundance can follow.




Water is for wealth and in Feng Shui’s five element theory, water feeds wood.  This dynamic, tall and thin design enhances the qi of wood which represents life and determination.  With the addition of lights inside and a kind of triangular shape being generated, the element of fire is created which represents fame, brilliance and brightness.




The water feature installed in this Aged Care Facility is simply perfect for its environment.  In Feng Shui a circular shape is classified as the metal element.  In five element theory, metal generates water, therefore this round shape supports the element of water very well.  Also, in the pond are two cranes.  In Chinese symbolism the crane is a symbol of longevity – perfect for good wishes for the elderly.



The comments and information on this page are supplied by Australia’s Foremost Feng Shui Expert, Master Jodi Brunner. With over 20 years experience, she is undoubtedly your first contact to design your whole environment to maximise, Peace, Harmony, Health & Wealth.



(Jodi receiving her Higher Diploma from Master Joseph Yu, Toronto 2003)


Click the link below to find out how Jodi can help you position your new Living Water Designs Water Feature to maximize its benefits.


© 2015 Jodi Brunner (text only)

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