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January 15, 2018

At Living Water Designs on the Gold Coast, we specialise in creating and supplying stunning modern water features for homes, gardens and business premises of all kinds. In this post we’ll cover some of the popular water feature designs we offer so you have a better understanding of what we can do for you.

The Different Types of Water Feature Explained

H2O Screens

Unusual water features are a standout, and H2O screens are always a hit. The idea of the H2O screen is to project a video or lighting onto a screen of water. It’s a fantastic idea for parties, bars and night clubs, or even weddings and corporate events. In fact, these water projection screens can work anywhere. They come in fixed and portable models.

Bubble Water Feature

There are a few varieties of this water feature concept:

  • Bubble walls
  • Bubble bars

The bubble water feature is perfect for residential or commercial applications. These are enclosed in acrylic walls or surface areas that allow aerated water to pass between the panes of transparent acrylic. They can be vertical or horizontal and work really well in bars and clubs. The versatility of this design is its standout feature, as they can be used in counter tops, coffee tables, floor to ceiling water feature walls, reception desks and dining tables. They look absolutely amazing.

Rain Curtains

Who doesn’t love the rhythmic sound of rain? It’s relaxing and very therapeutic.

Rain curtains can be custom built or supplied ready to install. From ceiling to floor, enjoy the sight and sound of rain every single day with a beautiful and stylish rain curtain. Combined with LED lighting to really enhance your curtain of rain, this showpiece will be a real talking point in either the home or the office. It’s like having an indoor water wall.

Aquafalls and Waterfall Features

There really are just so many stunning designs and applications of these gorgeous waterfalls for all different types of premises. From an indoor water wall to garden water feature designs, aquafalls and waterfall features make a great addition to any space.

Choose from curved glass water features, ones made of stone, unusual water features and home waterfall design. Browse our stunning range on our website.

DIY Modern Water Features

Freestanding water features and outdoor water wall kits are designed as DIY water feature models that anyone can purchase and install themselves, following the easy to understand instructions. Not all water features have to require fancy designs and installation to look amazing. All of our water features, including the DIY models, look awesome and create a natural and relaxing atmosphere in the home, workplace or garden area.

Browse Our Gallery Page

The above are just a select few examples of what we offer at Living Water Designs. Be sure to browse our website for photos of some stunning masterpieces we have created over the years.

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