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February 2, 2014

The Most Desirable Properties Feature Water Elements

You might not have thought about how adding a waterfall or fountain to your backyard can increase your home’s property value, but the most desirable properties feature water elements, if you think about it. If you wonder why lakefront property is worth more money, it might be because these lots feature water, but when you are looking at land-locked property values, you will find those that feature water gardens, waterfalls or fountains and manmade streams or ponds of natural stone, can fetch top dollar on the resale market.

It could be that those that feature water elements not only look more appealing, but they offer a relaxing backdrop for your family to gather around for meals or unwinding. Another reason that some people prefer properties that feature water elements is because the soothing sounds help them to wind-down, lowering blood pressure after a stress-filled day at work, so personal health and family enjoyment are just two reasons to consider.

Landscaping designs that feature water elements are an option that requires little maintenance. It might escape your mind that environmental-friendly water gardens provide their own eco-system, which can sustain unusual plants and flowers, besides sustaining fish or frogs, but there’s no weeding or extra care required. If you want an attractive bird bath, just think about the way that water gardening ponds provide an interesting hobby, low-maintenance landscaping and an attractive addition to your yard.

Of course, if you are trying to think of other landscaping elements that feature water, it is easy enough to do, because it doesn’t matter whether you are thinking about adding a fountain or a simulated stream and foot bridge. If your garden landscaping elements feature water, you can expect a number of benefits, yet they are affordable.

There are studies that show water-garden landscaping can help you save 30% on heating bills and up to 50% on air conditioning bills, even with a small pond, because they can temper the heat or create their own microclimate, which makes them cooler and more relaxing. Whether you are thinking about raising Koi carp, providing a bird bath or just want a better way to garden that doesn’t require toiling in the heat, landscaping elements that feature water can be exactly what you are looking for. Since it seems the most desirable properties are those that feature water, there are a number of options to consider, in this respect.

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