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March 5, 2017

Create a Zen workplace with a water feature

In our modern times our work environments can sometimes feel very hectic and stressful. For employers, it can be equally as difficult trying to provide a conducive and stress free work place for their employees.

But, how can we make our work places both productive and prosperous whilst being calming and peaceful at the same time?

Living Water Designs on the Gold Coast have the perfect solution. We can easily and affordably add style and tranquillity to your work place with our customised or ready-made modern water features.

Our indoor water features can add that elusive sense of restfulness and revitalisation to your work place, allowing your employees to feel that sense of Zen whilst at work without distracting them from being effective and efficient.

For most of us watching and hearing the sounds of running water evokes such a sense of peacefulness and provides a calming and restful atmosphere.

Our designers at Living Water Designs have created a perfect range of visually stunning glass water features, water feature walls and waterfall designs to suit any office space.

Using principles based on Feng Shui water features, we can seamlessly harmonise people with the surrounding environment to create a calm and mellow environment.  We can also incorporate water features in your entry ways, foyers, gardens and outdoor spaces at your business premises too.

Living Water Designs indoor and outdoor water features not only create a wonderful environment for your employees to work in but also allows your clients to feel a sense of peacefulness and confidence as they enter your business premises.

If you would like to create a work atmosphere that your workers just love to work in, speak to the experts on the Gold Coast at Living Water Designs. We have a broad range of DIY water features and can also custom make unique and unusual water features incorporating both your creativity and your work place.

Our extensive water feature range includes:

Call the water feature experts at Living Water Designs Gold Coast today on 1300 406 660 and speak with one of our friendly team about creating a perfect oasis within your work place with our high-end water features.

We have over 15 years of innovation and design experience creating visually stunning and water efficient water features designs for many satisfied clients on the Gold Coast, in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth!

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