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October 5, 2017

Successful business is all about building positive relationships. In order to help create those positive relationships, your business premises and employees should all exude a positive vibe.

Having a modern water feature – such as a bubble water feature or indoor water wall – will really set the tone. Not only do many of these unusual water features look stunning, they will really make an impression on any visiting clients and potential customers. They look classy, are a real focal point, and can make for a fantastic ice breaker to start relations.

Consider a Cool and Classy Water Feature For Your Business Premises

There is something about running water that everyone loves. It looks beautiful and tranquil, and the sound is calming and soothing to the mind and soul.

At Living Water Designs on the Gold Coast, we have been designing, supplying and installing an awesome range of modern water features in offices, hotels, bars and restaurants throughout the entire local area and beyond. If you browse the Gallery section of our site you will see many fine examples of what we can achieve together to create a remarkable showpiece for your business.

Some popular choices include:

  • Glass water features
  • Bubble bars
  • Rain curtains
  • Freestanding water features
  • Vortex features
  • Indoor water features for walls

You really are only limited by your imagination and the type of business you operate. For bars we have created some awesome water features that run down behind the bar area and even across the counter top. For offices, a stunning water feature at the entrance works really well. It puts everyone entering the office in a positive frame of mind, as we mentioned earlier.

It’s not just about building up a rapport with clients, either. A happy workforce makes for a productive workplace, so having your staff in the right frame of mind is just as important as impressing customers.

Whether you are a bar with a party atmosphere, or a business located in a corporate office building, there is a water feature to suit every type of business and all atmospheres. Along with the water feature itself is the lighting. Just the right light, in the right colours, will really make your water feature a standout no matter what the environment.

Get in touch today for a friendly chat and a free quote, and don’t forget to browse our Gallery page for examples and ideas.

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