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August 15, 2017

Bring a small backyard to life with a water feature

With the ever increasing Australian population and the current house prices, we see the Aussie dream of owning your home not only dwindling but land sizes as well.

Back in the day the average back yard consisted of a spacious 1100 sq metre block but now blocks of land can be as little as 300 sq metres!

But don’t despair if you end up having to purchase a small block of land or are even renting a home on a small block and are wondering how on earth you are going to make such a tiny space inviting and relaxing. You can achieve a relaxing, soothing oasis in your back yard with the simple installation of water feature.

Water features usually feature in all luxury homes and there are good reasons why. Not only do they add a calming and relaxing space indoors or outdoors and are cooling but also add to resale value.

If you are renting this luxury feel is still achievable with a freestanding water feature, readily available in the Living Water Designs range of high end water features that mean no damage or alterations to the rental property.

Living Water Designs can work cleverly with the space you have and create a custom made water feature that is unique to you and your home.

Our international and national clients turn to us time and time again to design, manufacture and install a modern water feature that makes that entry way pop or that outdoor entertainment shine.

We base our designs on the principles of Feng Shui so we take into account the surroundings of the proposed water feature as well so you can enjoy the elements of Feng Shui of abundance and prosperity.

Our team of talented designers have over 15 years experience in designing and manufacturing of water features so you can rest assured if you are looking for something straight out of our range or even an unusual water feature, we are the best there is!

Our current range of high end water features include:

So, turn your hum drum back yard into something visually stunning and instantly relaxing by installing a Living Water Designs water feature.

Call our friendly team today to discuss what we can do for you on 1300 406 660.

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