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Transform Your Water Feature Into a Showpiece With Beautiful Lighting

February 5, 2018
Not all modern water features require artificial lighting to look stunning; especially if they’re located outdoors in the daytime. Even some indoor ones still look beautiful without any lighting effects at all. But on the other hand, most water features can be taken to the next level with artificial lighting of some kind; whether it […]

The Different Types of Water Feature Explained

January 15, 2018
At Living Water Designs on the Gold Coast, we specialise in creating and supplying stunning modern water features for homes, gardens and business premises of all kinds. In this post we’ll cover some of the popular water feature designs we offer so you have a better understanding of what we can do for you. H2O […]

The Calming Connection Between Feng Shui and Water Features

January 5, 2018
What Is Feng Shui? This art and science of balancing and harmonising within the home, garden or office was developed in China more than 3000 years ago. The concept behind Feng Shui is to balance people with their surrounding environment. The idea is to ensure health and good fortune, as well as a sense of […]

Swimming Pools and Water Features Are the Perfect Match

December 15, 2017
Most of Australia experiences a warm to hot climate for much of the year, and in SE Qld this is especially true. So many homes in and around the Gold Coast, for example, have backyard swimming pools. It’s a great way to cool off and chill out after a day at work or school, plus […]

Save Dollars With a DIY Water Feature

December 5, 2017
Experiencing the many aesthetic and psychological benefits of modern water features doesn’t have to break the bank. There are numerous designs to suit most budgets, and one cost effective way of saving some dollars on a water feature is to install a more simple DIY option. While there are options to have a more intricate […]

Liven Up Your Outdoor Space With a Custom Designed Pond and Fountain

November 15, 2017
Ponds and fountains sound like something reserved for outdoor spaces only, but that’s not true. With the right kind of design you can certainly have a pond and fountain set up indoors without it making a mess or maintenance being too difficult. Modern water features really do add a touch of glass, elegance and serenity […]

Let It Rain Indoors With a Rain Curtain

November 5, 2017
The sound of rain can be a beautiful thing. Many of us love to sleep to its soothing rhythm. While we don’t like to get wet by the rain, admiring its natural beauty and listening to its tranquil symphony can have really positive mental benefits. These days with the advent of modern water features, you […]

How About a Water Feature Wall

October 15, 2017
Many homes and businesses have some sort of feature wall; a wall that stands apart from the rest. In homes this wall might sometimes be located behind the TV, or used to showcase artwork, photography or ornamentation. Feature walls are generally painted different colours from the rest of the surrounding walls and are sometimes recessed […]

Consider a Cool and Classy Water Feature For Your Business Premises

October 5, 2017
Successful business is all about building positive relationships. In order to help create those positive relationships, your business premises and employees should all exude a positive vibe. Having a modern water feature – such as a bubble water feature or indoor water wall – will really set the tone. Not only do many of these […]

Bring a small backyard to life with a water feature

August 15, 2017
Bring a small backyard to life with a water feature With the ever increasing Australian population and the current house prices, we see the Aussie dream of owning your home not only dwindling but land sizes as well. Back in the day the average back yard consisted of a spacious 1100 sq metre block but […]

Adding fish to your water feature

August 5, 2017
Adding fish to your water feature If you’ve decided you would like to add a water feature to your home or business, consider a type of water feature that you could add fish to. Water features when placed in auspicious zones in a home or business are said to increase abundance and wealth according to […]

Why luxury homes always have a water feature

July 15, 2017
Why luxury homes always have a water feature When you look at luxury homes in magazines or see them on the real estate or design shows on TV, one consistent design element we see in these homes is a water feature. Water features in Feng Shui practices activate the flow of abundance, wealth and prosperity […]
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